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Copy /paste

Postby speedlover » 07 Sep 2017, 14:24

I want to " congratulate " some top players for their skill ... the " copy / paste " that they use it every time at the 10 th race of team events and they can make so incredibly fast times as ladder even if they race cars with very difficult launch ...I suppose they needed it a lot of hours practicing this skill . Unfortunately this skill doesn't work at multiplayer, who knows if they keep practicing they will also do it there, congratulations again you have my respect .

Ps I am sure if the way of the team events change let's say as the champion multi player , or something else the rank of team leaderboards will change dramatically..

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Re: Copy /paste

Postby buddysmoken » 07 Sep 2017, 19:03

Its not copy and paste really its macros and cm opened that can when they admitted they cant detect them. Basically from my understanding you run your car in practice till you get a perfect run then you record those key strokes to a macro then in 10th team race the program hits your launch nos and shifts exactly the same every time giving you l.b runs at the push of a button.
I do not agree with the use of these and wish cm would find a way to remove them from game , the point for me is to race and test my skill not just to see my name #1 with computer program but others seem to like making us miserable by winning everything.
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