Unique Car Series

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Unique Car Series

Postby Three2WonNYC » 17 Jun 2017, 02:18

I'm very excited over the new series that are included into Nitro Nation. It reminds me of similar content like Need For Speed: No Limits yet I am somewhat disappointed at the difficulty although some of the rewards for completion are worthwhile. The lowest prize for 100% completion is 75 Gold while others will grant -25 Gold off Customization or 3 Black quality Blueprints with the highest being 500 Gold.

You will need a car that is probably the best within its division that is rated at 900 COG or higher as I eventually burnt out towards the end using 800+ COG vehicles.

It's a shame that a D-Class car somehow can match-up against a Stock A-Class Race car and lose even though it's 800+ and I nailed the Launch.

Perhaps you increased the likelihood of Yellow or above quality Blueprints upon winning races that's similar to the newly released vehicle series? I'd often receive a decent blueprint worthy of early installation after winning 3-5 races throughout the series with the blueprints increasing in quality as each race increases in difficulty.

Regardless of my opinions this is a welcomed new option for players that have already completed the Career series and I believe should help improve the quality of overall Blueprints within the Market feature. Excess Gold will make all players happy as they will have enough to purchase multiple Blueprints or save them for Silver/Gold Crates in hopes of receiving a Rare Car that is otherwise unavailable.

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