[Please read] General Guidelines for Bug Reports on NNnet

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[Please read] General Guidelines for Bug Reports on NNnet

Postby NNn_Stag » 20 Sep 2013, 01:35

Please follow our guidelines for bug reports.
This note provides a few basic guidelines for bug reports that will help us resolve bugs as quickly as possible.

A) Please note before you decide to open a new topic
1) Make sure that you're using the most recent build
2) Scan the forum of known issues and search for your bug beforehand to ensure that the problem hasn't already been reported or discussed or fixed with an update. If the issue appears to be another instance of a previously reported bug, please add the information to the already existing and found thread.
3) If your bug hasn't been reported yet, please report it in a new topic so that it's easy to find and track.
4) Be specific in your description of the problem and clearly describe the steps needed to reproduce the problem

B) How do I report a bug?
We need a detailed description of the issue!

- What you saw,
- How and where it happened
- If you noticed it multiple times
- Any other unusual effects on the game, etc...
- Post screenshots of the issue if that helps.

C) Please provide details about your device
In order to be able to investigate the issue and remedy any problem that may exist, we kindly ask you to provide us with additional information. We would appreciate it if you could answer the questions listed below:
- Which version of the game are you using? * (please find details below)
- What is the model of your phone, tablet, or another device you experienced the issue on?
- What is the firmware version of your device? **
- Did you attain root level access to your device? ***
- If possible, try to list your actions and in-game events that preceded the problem.
- Does the issue produce an error message? If it does, please describe the message or attach a screenshot to your reply.
Open notice *
* In order to find the version of the game, go to the Settings menu of your device, choose "Applications" or "Apps" and find Nitro Nation. Select it to open app details and look for the version string near the top of the screen.
** In order to find the firmware version, go to the Settings menu of your device and choose "About", then "Software information". Look for an entry titled "Android version" or "Firmware version", which typically consists of 2 or 3 period-separated digits.
*** Skip this question if you don't know what root access is.

D) Detailed steps to reproduce the bug (called STR)
Please describe in a few words what we should do to reproduce the issue again on our end, for example:
0. My deviceand App version (as described before)
1. Open NN
2. Log in
3. Do this (Tap, select, open …)
4. Do that
5. (and so on….)
6. Result: “Describe what happened”
7. Found a Solution? Or any suggestion ? Comment in an additional line here

Please observe your topic and report again
if your bug/issue has been successfully fixed
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