Controller issue on Windows 10 PLS HELP!

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Controller issue on Windows 10 PLS HELP!

Postby casperspook » 26 Oct 2017, 11:58

I play most of the times on my PC (win10) with a PS4 controller cable connected.
Last week after installing a few updates, i noticed that there is some other program running my controller. So it's like there are 2 programs trying to control your mouse, and it no longer functions as it should.
Worse, sometimes my car goes to the next gear if you want a nitro for example.
Or start in 2e gear so you got engine stalled.
I'm not sure if this program runs in Windows or in Nitro Nation but it is really bothering me.
Any ideas maybe? I can't figure it out.

My question is whether it can be disabled so I can use my controller again as before


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