Windows 10 (One Profile says "Needs Update" others work)

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Windows 10 (One Profile says "Needs Update" others work)

Postby Setherio » 31 Oct 2017, 21:58

Okay, so I've been playing this game since it came out IIRC. Android of course. Anyways, I also play on Windows 10 now. On my Phone I use my main Profile, my tablet I use my secondary profile. On Windows 10 I have both profiles.

It's been a while since I played (i take breaks every now and then off and on). Anyways, I logged in and got VIP status added to my (main) Profile. That's cool I thought. I tried to log onto my main Profile on Windows 10, says needs update. Here's screenshots from Windows 10. Anyone know why?

And note: ONLY SAYS "Needs Update" on my MAIN PROFILE. I can play perfectly fine on Windows 10 with my secondary profile. I can play on BOTH accounts on my Android.

Also also note: I uninstalled and reinstalled it just incase that might help but didn't...

First image: Successfully able to log into my Secondary Account:

Second Image: Requests update to load.

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