I purchased a gold bp, and got charged for two bps

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I purchased a gold bp, and got charged for two bps

Postby Quickdraw » 29 Oct 2017, 19:43

On 10/29 at 9:40 a.m. pst, I purchased a gold 11cog air filter bp for my LB Challenger for 17 gold, and got charged another 43 gold coins simultaneously, for a second gold bp, an 8 cog differential gears that I 1) did not do anything/touch any button in order to buy it, and 2) already have a far better 13 cog set of diff gears. This is the second time in approx six months that this has occurred. Due to the loss of coins when this happened I lost the opportunity to purchase another bp that I needed that was available. I need your (CM HAL or IZZY) to correct the issue by taking back the 8 cog differential no, and refunding the 43 gold coins. Please see pics Below. Your help is highly appreciated.
The 13 cog differential that I already owned prior to being charged the 43 gold for the diff bp that I did not need, did not want, and absolutely did NOT purchase
The 8 cog differential that I was charged 43 gold, that I did not purchase
The original purchase of the 11 cog air filter for 17 gold, that I was simultaneously charged 43 gold for the unwanted bp.

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