Installing Black BP lowers all other BP values

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Installing Black BP lowers all other BP values

Postby HellScream » 03 Aug 2017, 20:00

I have a 675LT. I wish to upgrade my car with all black BPs. So I usually buy a single BP and a Redraw card from market place then I redraw it and install it. But during the process I am facing a lot of unusual problems such as,

1. when i redraw a bp sometimes it lowers the value, i read somewhere it was a bug. so if uninstall all the other related BPs then re-redraw it then it improves which is good but its not at its best and i dont have the juice left to spend over 300 gold for only one BP.

2. Alright I can work with it, the slightly lowered value bothers me but not that much. but when I install it all the uninstalled (same category) BP's values are changed randomly. sometimes it goes slightly up sometimes the values just make itself reverse sometimes way below it.

i mean seriously guys i am also a developer and i love this game but what kind of bug is this? :shock: anyways..appreciate it if somebody could help..thanks..

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Re: Installing Black BP lowers all other BP values

Postby RACING CONCEPTS » 30 Nov 2017, 21:39

There are trying to do to much at once, now they are actually making certain cars slower and other cars faster it's crazy, now also my mechanic doesn't redraw blueprints, I wasted 3 blueprints today alone
I have been playing for over three years and this is like the third or fourth time this bug has come back, it's not a bug it's called manipulating how much the blueprints redraw or upgrade, funny that it started happening since the reroll option is now available

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