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Upgrade kit suggestion

Postby WickedWalter » 13 Apr 2018, 22:17

Currently during the Team Events, when you win a race you are awarded a Transmission Upgrade Kit. This easily the least valuable upgrade kit in the game. They're super easy to earn from multiple sources and the least needed kit.

My suggestion is to change the team event kit awarded to either:
1. Cycle through all the kits. During one team events all races earn X kits, the next event earns Y kits, and so on...
2. Make is so the team can choose which kit we're racing for. As the team leader we could set it on the team tab or as part of booster.
3. Make it so that each racer can choose which kit they're racing for.

One of the advantages to changing the Team Event upgrade kits is that we would likely have more participation and less racers signing up and not racing. If the team leader set the reward to Engine Upgrade Kit, I KNOW there would be more team members racing.

Make it so! :)

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