Circuit Track? Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero

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Circuit Track? Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero

Postby Three2WonNYC » 24 Oct 2017, 00:26

With the possibility of adding Drifting to NitroNation as featured through BETA testing I am wondering if there was any consideration to adding a circuit style ‘track’ or a set of highway roads much like Tokyo Extreme Racer Zero and/or the Need For Speed Series?

Maybe it was nostalgia back when I had a Dreamcast however I watched an older YouTube video of the game and I remembered how exciting and addictive playing through the game was.

For those unfamiliar with the game you chose from a bunch of JDM vehicles that were upgradable - both visual/performance. You then chose a crew to run with and you would be set into the racing world slowly building up your reputation and battling crew leaders/bosses.

It felt open-world as you had the freedom to roam through the narrow streets to open highways plus some bridges and toll booths which made for the perfect spot for overtaking. Every few miles you’d see another ‘street racer’ that you could challenge by flashing your high beams while tailing them and after a short cutscene you would be racing until you have put about 1/2 mile distance between you and the racer.

Once you have defeated the members of the select crew the crew leader will challenge you and so on. The leaders were quite fast and often used the faster JDM model vehicles. At the time it was the Fast & Furious of the gaming scene. It featured all the possible tuner vehicles from Honda’s to Lexus and more. You could even customize your window tint to under glow kits.

Seeing something similar whether a totally new project or an additional part of NitroNation would be the perfect Christmas wishlist gift for all car enthusiasts - especially if you combine both Domestic/Import vehicles.

I’m hoping that some players have heard of this game and share the same nostalgia with me. It’s probably a long shot as Drifting seems to be the trendy hobby with gaining popularity in USA plus already in the works however it’s worth mentioning.

Worst comes to worst - could you add the Mitsubishi Evolution MR? It’s only fair considering that we have two different Subaru Imprezas!

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