GTO needs reformatted

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GTO needs reformatted

Postby eisert3 » 29 Jul 2017, 21:13

The GTO in the game doesn't have a prayer at the leader board no matter how much it's cogged out or no matter how well it's tuned.

Can NN please make the leader board more attainable without using specific cars?

And while you are at it put in a different GTO to obtain this?

I seen the 1969 Camaro is listed at a quarter mile time nearly a full second faster than what it actually ran. Every source I checked shows the 1969 zl1 running 13.2 stock not 12.5. And it dominates the leader board.

But I could care less about that however is there a way other cars can compete?

I love the game. Best game ever and I know it must be very difficult to program a game like this to be competitive for every make and model.

Maybe a leader board for each type of car is in order. That would be cool. However I'd still prefer each car has a chance somehow with proper tuning and upgrades. I don't know. Like I said it must be extremely difficult or else we'd all run the same.

How about keep up the great work and ad another GTO a little bit faster and Ill be happy with that.

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